1. Any person may file with the commissioner or board a signed sworn complaint against any person allegedly violating any provisions of this chapter. Unless the commissioner or board determines that such complaint is duplicitous or frivolous, the commissioner or board shall immediately serve a copy of it upon the person or persons named therein, promptly investigate the allegations contained therein and shall notify the alleged violator what action, if any, the commissioner or board will take. In all cases, the commissioner or board shall notify the complainant of the commissioner’s or board’s action or determination within ninety (90) days from the date of the commissioner’s or board’s receipt of the written complaint.
    2. If either the complainant or the alleged violator believes the commissioner’s or board’s action or determination is or will be inadequate or too severe, such complainant or alleged violator may appeal to the board for a hearing by filing a petition for review. Such appeal must be made within thirty (30) days after receipt of the notification sent by the commissioner or board. When such a petition is timely filed, the procedure for conducting the contested case shall be in accordance with § 68-215-119(b).
    3. If the commissioner fails to take the action stated in the commissioner’s notification, the complainant may make an appeal to the board within thirty (30) days from the time at which the complainant knows or has reason to know of such failure.
    4. The department shall not be obligated to assist a complainant in gathering information or making investigations or to provide counsel for the purpose of drawing the complainant’s complaint.
  1. The board, department, its officials and employees acting in their official capacity shall not be considered “persons” pursuant to this section.