As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires:

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 47-18-201. Definitions

  • Person: means a natural person, consumer, individual, governmental agency, partnership, corporation, trust, estate, incorporated or unincorporated association, and any other legal or commercial entity however organized. See

(1) “Beauty pageant” means any contest or competition in which entrants are judged on the basis of physical beauty, skill, talent, poise, and personality, and in which a winner, or winners, are selected as representing an ideal in one (1) or more of these areas. “Beauty pageant” does not include any such contest or competition in which no application fee or entrance charge is made for contestants, to which no admission charge is made for attendance, and in connection with which no tickets or chances are sold;

(2) “Bond” means a surety bond with power of attorney attached, and a Tennessee resident agent;

(3) “Entrant’s fee” means any payment of money, or other thing of value, including, but not limited to, the selling of advertisements or tickets, or the obtaining of sponsors, which activity is a precondition to participation in a beauty pageant; and

(4) “Operator” means any person, franchisee, firm or corporation, civic group, or elementary or secondary educational institution, which promotes, organizes, or otherwise operates, a beauty pageant, participation in which is limited to persons paying an entrant’s fee.

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