(a) The agricultural biomass and landfill diversion incentive program account is an account in the general revenue fund. The account is composed of:

(1) legislative appropriations;

(2) gifts, grants, donations, and matching funds received under Subsection (b); and

(3) other money required by law to be deposited in the account.

(b) The department may solicit and accept gifts in kind, donations, and grants of money from the federal government, local governments, private corporations, or other persons to be used for the purposes of this chapter.

(c) Money in the account may be appropriated only to the department for the purpose of implementing, maintaining, and administering the agricultural biomass and landfill diversion incentive program.

(d) Income from money in the account shall be credited to the account.

(e) The account is exempt from the application of Section 403.095, Government Code.