12.001 Execution of Laws
12.0011 Authority to Enter Into Cooperative Agreements
12.0012 Notification
12.002 Development of Agriculture
12.0025 Nutrition Programs
12.0026 Interagency Farm-to-School Coordination Task Force
12.0027 Nutrition Outreach Program
12.0029 Summer Nutrition Programs
12.003 Agricultural Societies
12.006 Development of Domestic and Foreign Markets
12.007 Plant Diseases and Pests
12.010 Correspondence With Government Agencies and Others
12.011 Agricultural Resource Statistics
12.013 Employees
12.0135 Conflict Provisions
12.0144 Fee Schedule
12.0145 Submission of Proposed Fee Schedule
12.015 Cooperation With Texas a & M University and Experiment Stations
12.016 Rules
12.0175 Grown or Produced in Texas Program
12.0176 Cooperation With Certain Commodity Producers Boards
12.0177 Texas Nursery and Floral Account
12.0178 Texas Nursery and Floral Advisory Council
12.018 Testing
12.020 Administrative Penalties
12.0201 License Sanctions
12.0202 Administrative Hearings
12.0203 Negotiated Rulemaking and Alternative Dispute Resolution
12.021 Fee for Phytosanitation Inspection; Issuance of Certificate
12.022 Authority to Solicit and Accept Gifts, Grants, and Donations
12.023 Expiration of Registration or Licenses
12.024 Late Renewal of License or Registration
12.025 Program Accessibility Plan
12.026 Public Interest Information; Complaints
12.0261 Administrative Procedure
12.027 Economic Development Program
12.0271 Rural Economic Development and Investment Program
12.028 Competitive Bidding or Advertising
12.029 Minority and Female-Owned Business Contracts
12.031 Advertising, Publications, and Fees
12.032 Cooperation With State Office of Administrative Hearings
12.033 Multiple Licenses
12.034 Refund or Waiver of Fees
12.035 Notice to Examinee
12.036 Licensing Out-of-State Applicants
12.037 Continuing Education
12.038 Office of Rural Affairs
12.039 Certain Wine Produced or Bottled in This State
12.040 Texas Certified Retirement Community Program
12.041 School Breakfast and Lunch Program
12.042 Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program
12.044 Equine Incentive Program
12.046 Texas Rural Investment Fund
12.047 Use of Technology
12.048 Obtaining Criminal History Record Information