Chapter 201 Restrictive Covenants Applicable to Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 202 Construction and Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants
Chapter 203 Enforcement of Land Use Restrictions in Certain Counties
Chapter 204 Powers of Property Owners’ Association Relating to Restrictive Covenants in Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 205 Restrictive Covenants Applicable to Revised Subdivisions in Certain Counties
Chapter 206 Extension of Restrictions Imposing Regular Assessments in Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 207 Disclosure of Information by Property Owners’ Associations
Chapter 208 Amendment and Termination of Restrictive Covenants in Historic Neighborhoods
Chapter 209 Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act
Chapter 210 Extension or Modification of Residential Restrictive Covenants by Petition in Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 211 Amendment and Enforcement of Restrictions in Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 212 Extension of Restrictions by Majority Vote in Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 215 Master Mixed-Use Property Owners’ Associations