Chapter 121 Acknowledgments And Proofs Of Written Instruments
Chapter 122 Jurors Right To Reemployment
Chapter 123 Interception Of Communication
Chapter 124 Privilege To Investigate Theft
Chapter 125 Common And Public Nuisances
Chapter 126 Local Religious Congregations
Chapter 127 Indemnity Provisions In Certain Mineral Agreements
Chapter 128 Limitation On Suits Against Firearms Or Ammunition Manufacturer, Trade Association, Or Seller
Chapter 129 Age Of Majority
Chapter 130 Indemnification In Certain Construction Contracts
Chapter 131 Violation Of Collegiate Athletic Association Rules
Chapter 132 Unsworn Declarations
Chapter 133 Presumption Of Death
Chapter 134 Texas Theft Liability Act
Chapter 136 Proof Of Mailing
Chapter 137 Declaration For Mental Health Treatment
Chapter 138 Personal Responsibility For Food Consumption
Chapter 139 Personal Injury To Certain Persons
Chapter 141 Structured Settlement Protection Act
Chapter 143 Harmful Access By Computer
Chapter 144 Destruction Of Certain Records
Chapter 145 Liability For Negligent Hiring By In-Home Service Companies And Residential Delivery Companies
Chapter 146 Certain Claims By Health Care Service Providers Barred
Chapter 147 Year 2000 Computer Date Failure
Chapter 149 Limitations In Civil Actions Of Liabilities Relating To Certain Mergers Or Consolidations
Chapter 150 Licensed Or Registered Professionals