Chapter 401 General Provisions
Chapter 402 Operation and Administration of Workers’ Compensation System
Chapter 403 Division Financing
Chapter 404 Office of Injured Employee Counsel
Chapter 405 Workers’ Compensation Research
Chapter 406 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage
Chapter 407 Self-Insurance Regulation
Chapter 407A Group Self-Insurance Coverage
Chapter 408 Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Chapter 409 Compensation Procedures
Chapter 410 Adjudication of Disputes
Chapter 411 Workers’ Health and Safety
Chapter 412 State Office of Risk Management
Chapter 413 Medical Review
Chapter 414 Enforcement of Compliance and Practice Requirements
Chapter 415 Administrative Violations
Chapter 416 Actions Against Insurance Carrier for Breach of Duty
Chapter 417 Third-Party Liability
Chapter 418 Criminal Penalties
Chapter 419 Misuse of Division Name