For purposes of this part:


Terms Used In Utah Code 53A-11-101

(a)  “Absence” or “absent” means, consistent with Subsection (1)(b), failure of a school-age minor assigned to a class or class period to attend the entire class or class period.

(b)  A school-age minor may not be considered absent under this part more than one time during one day.

(2)  “Habitual truant” means a school-age minor who:

(a)  is at least 12 years old;

(b)  is subject to the requirements of Section 53A-11-101.5; and


(i)  is truant at least 10 times during one school year; or

(ii)  fails to cooperate with efforts on the part of school authorities to resolve the minor’s attendance problem as required under Section 53A-11-103.

(3)  “Minor” means a person under the age of 18 years.

(4)  “Parent” includes:

(a)  a custodial parent of the minor;

(b)  a legally appointed guardian of a minor; or

(c)  any other person purporting to exercise any authority over the minor which could be exercised by a person described in Subsection (4)(a) or (b).

(5)  “School-age minor” means a minor who:

(a)  is at least six years old, but younger than 18 years old; and

(b)  is not emancipated.

(6)  “School year” means the period of time designated by a local school board or local charter board as the school year for the school where the school-age minor:

(a)  is enrolled; or

(b)  should be enrolled, if the school-age minor is not enrolled in school.

(7)  “Truant” means absent without a valid excuse.

(8)  “Truant minor” means a school-age minor who:

(a)  is subject to the requirements of Section 53A-11-101.5 or 53A-11-101.7; and

(b)  is truant.

(9)  “Valid excuse” means:

(a)  an illness;

(b)  a family death;

(c)  an approved school activity;

(d)  an absence permitted by a school-age minor’s:

(i)  individualized education program, developed pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, as amended; or

(ii)  accommodation plan, developed pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; or

(e)  any other excuse established as valid by a local school board, local charter board, or school district.

Amended by Chapter 81, 2007 General Session