Chapter 1 Administration of Public Education at the State Level 53A-1-101 – 53A-1-1507
Chapter 1a Utah Strategic Planning Act for Educational Excellence 53A-1a-101 – 53A-1a-1007
Chapter 1b School Readiness Initiative 53A-1b-101 – 53A-1b-208
Chapter 2 School Districts 53A-2-101 – 53A-2-404
Chapter 3 Local School Boards 53A-3-101 – 53A-3-701
Chapter 4 Public-Private Partnership for Educational Excellence Act 53A-4-205 – 53A-4-307
Chapter 5 Utah School Boards Association 53A-5-101 – 53A-5-103
Chapter 6 Educator Licensing and Professional Practices Act 53A-6-101 – 53A-6-901
Chapter 7 Dispute Resolution 53A-7-101 – 53A-7-102
Chapter 8a Public Education Human Resource Management Act 53A-8a-101 – 53A-8a-804
Chapter 11 Students in Public Schools 53A-11-101 – 53A-11-1604
Chapter 11a Bullying and Hazing 53A-11a-101 – 53A-11a-402
Chapter 12 Fees and Textbooks 53A-12-101 – 53A-12-207
Chapter 13 Curriculum in the Public Schools 53A-13-101 – 53A-13-302
Chapter 14 State Instructional Materials Commission 53A-14-101 – 53A-14-107
Chapter 15 Standards and Programs 53A-15-102 – 53A-15-1903
Chapter 16 State Financing of Public Education 53A-16-101 – 53A-16-115
Chapter 17a Minimum School Program Act 53A-17a-101 – 53A-17a-171
Chapter 18 School District Indebtedness 53A-18-101 – 53A-18-107
Chapter 19 Public School Budgets 53A-19-101 – 53A-19-401
Chapter 20 School Construction 53A-20-100.5 – 53A-20-110
Chapter 20b Charter School Financing 53A-20b-101 – 53A-20b-301
Chapter 21 Public Education Capital Outlay Act 53A-21-101 – 53A-21-401
Chapter 22 Construction of Schools in Districts with New Industrial Plants 53A-22-101 – 53A-22-106
Chapter 23 Building Reserve Fund 53A-23-101 – 53A-23-104
Chapter 24 State Office of Rehabilitation Act 53A-24-601 – 53A-24-602
Chapter 25a Blind Persons’ Literacy Rights and Education Act 53A-25a-101 – 53A-25a-106
Chapter 25b Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind 53A-25b-101 – 53A-25b-501
Chapter 28 Utah School Bond Guaranty Act 53A-28-101 – 53A-28-402
Chapter 29 Internships 53A-29-101 – 53A-29-105
Chapter 30 Internal Audits 53A-30-101 – 53A-30-103
Chapter 31 American Indian-Alaskan Native Education State Plan 53A-31-101 – 53A-31-405