§ 53A-11-101 Definitions
§ 53A-11-101.3 Preapproval of extended absence
§ 53A-11-101.5 Compulsory education
§ 53A-11-101.7 Truancy — Notice of truancy — Failure to cooperate with school authorities — Habitual truant citation
§ 53A-11-102 Minors exempt from school attendance
§ 53A-11-102.5 Dual enrollment
§ 53A-11-102.6 Private school and home school students’ participation in extracurricular activities in a public school
§ 53A-11-102.7 Placement of a home school student who transfers to a public school
§ 53A-11-103 Duties of a school board, local charter board, or school district in resolving attendance problems — Parental involvement — Liability not imposed
§ 53A-11-104 Truancy specialists
§ 53A-11-105 Taking custody of a person believed to be a truant minor — Disposition — Receiving centers — Reports — Immunity from liability
§ 53A-11-106 Truancy support centers

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