§ 19.2-119 Definitions
§ 19.2-120 Admission to bail
§ 19.2-120.1 Presumption of no bail for illegal aliens charged with certain crimes
§ 19.2-121 Fixing terms of bail
§ 19.2-122 Description unavailable
§ 19.2-123 Release of accused on secured or unsecured bond or promise to appear; conditions of releas…
§ 19.2-124 Appeal from bail, bond, or recognizance order
§ 19.2-125 Release pending appeal from conviction in court not of record
§ 19.2-126 Description unavailable
§ 19.2-127 Conditions of release of material witness
§ 19.2-128 Penalties for failure to appear
§ 19.2-129 Power of court to punish for contempt
§ 19.2-130 Bail in subsequent proceeding arising out of initial arrest
§ 19.2-130.1 Bail terms set by court on a capias to be honored by magistrate
§ 19.2-131 Bail for person held in jurisdiction other than that of trial
§ 19.2-132 Motion to increase amount of bond fixed by judicial officer; when bond may be increased
§ 19.2-134 When bail piece to be delivered to accused; form of bail piece
§ 19.2-135 Commitment for trial; recognizance; notice to attorney for Commonwealth; remand on violation of con…
§ 19.2-136 How bonds in recognizances payable; penalty
§ 19.2-137 Order of court on recognizance
§ 19.2-141 How recognizance taken for incapacitated or insane person or one under disability
§ 19.2-142 Where recognizance taken out of court to be sent
§ 19.2-143 Where default recorded; process on recognizance; forfeiture on recognizance; when copy may be used…
§ 19.2-144 Forfeiture of recognizance while in military or naval service
§ 19.2-145 How penalty remitted
§ 19.2-146 Defects in form of recognizance not to defeat action or judgment
§ 19.2-147 Docketing judgment on forfeited recognizance or bond
§ 19.2-148 Surety discharged on payment of amount, etc., into court
§ 19.2-149 How surety on a bond in recognizance may surrender principal and be discharged from liabilit…
§ 19.2-150 Proceeding when surety surrenders principal
§ 19.2-151 Satisfaction and discharge of assault and similar charges
§ 19.2-152 Order discharging recognizance or superseding commitment; judgment for costs
§ 19.2-152.2 Purpose; establishment of pretrial services and services agencies
§ 19.2-152.3 Department of Criminal Justice Services to prescribe standards; biennial plan
§ 19.2-152.4 Mandated services
§ 19.2-152.4:1 Form of oath of office for local pretrial services officer; authorization to seek capias
§ 19.2-152.4:2 Confidentiality of records of and reports on adult persons under investigation by or in the custod…
§ 19.2-152.4:3 Duties and responsibilities of local pretrial services officers
§ 19.2-152.5 Community criminal justice boards
§ 19.2-152.6 Withdrawal from pretrial services
§ 19.2-152.7 Funding; failure to comply