If any tenant from whom rent is in arrear and unpaid shall desert a nonresidential premises and leave the same uncultivated or unoccupied, without goods thereon subject to distress sufficient to satisfy the rent, the lessor or his agent may post a notice, in writing, upon a conspicuous part of the premises requiring the tenant to pay the rent, in the case of a monthly tenant within 10 days, and in the case of a yearly tenant within one month from the date of such notice. If the same be not paid within the time specified in the notice, the lessor shall be entitled to possession of the premises and may enter thereon and the right of such tenant thereto shall thenceforth be at an end, but the landlord may recover the rent up to that time.

Terms Used In Virginia Code 55-224

  • in writing: include any representation of words, letters, symbols, numbers, or figures, whether (i) printed or inscribed on a tangible medium or (ii) stored in an electronic or other medium and retrievable in a perceivable form and whether an electronic signature authorized by Chapter 42. See Virginia Code 1-257
  • Month: means a calendar month and "year" means a calendar year. See Virginia Code 1-223
  • notice: means notice given in writing by either regular mail or hand delivery, with the sender retaining sufficient proof of having given such notice, which may be either a United States postal certificate of mailing or a certificate of service confirming such mailing prepared by the sender. See Virginia Code 55-225.20

Code 1919, § 5518; 2017, c. 730.