Title 1 General provisions
Title 2 Courts of record
Title 3 District courts — courts of limited jurisdiction
Title 4 Civil procedure
Title 5 Evidence
Title 6 Enforcement of judgments
Title 7 Special proceedings and actions
Title 8 Eminent domain
Title 9 Crimes and punishments
Title 9A Washington criminal code
Title 10 Criminal procedure
Title 11 Probate and trust law
Title 12 District courts — civil procedure
Title 13 Juvenile courts and juvenile offenders
Title 14 Aeronautics
Title 15 Agriculture and marketing
Title 16 Animals and livestock (formerly: animals, estrays, brands, and fences)
Title 17 Weeds, rodents, and pests
Title 18 Businesses and professions
Title 19 Business regulations — miscellaneous
Title 20 Commission merchants — agricultural products
Title 21 Securities and investments
Title 22 Warehousing and deposits
Title 23 Corporations and associations (profit) (business corporation act: see title 23b rcw)
Title 23B Washington business corporation act
Title 24 Corporations and associations (nonprofit)
Title 25 Partnerships
Title 26 Domestic relations
Title 27 Libraries, museums, and historical activities
Title 28A Common school provisions
Title 28B Higher education
Title 28C Vocational education
Title 29A Elections
Title 30 Banks and trust companies
Title 31 Miscellaneous loan agencies
Title 32 Mutual savings banks
Title 33 Savings and loan associations
Title 34 Administrative law
Title 35 Cities and towns
Title 35A Optional municipal code
Title 36 Counties
Title 37 Federal areas — indians
Title 38 Militia and military affairs
Title 39 Public contracts and indebtedness
Title 40 Public documents, records, and publications
Title 41 Public employment, civil service, and pensions
Title 42 Public officers and agencies
Title 43 State government — executive
Title 44 State government — legislative
Title 46 Motor vehicles
Title 47 Public highways and transportation
Title 48 Insurance
Title 49 Labor regulations
Title 50 Unemployment compensation
Title 51 Industrial insurance
Title 52 Fire protection districts
Title 53 Port districts
Title 54 Public utility districts
Title 55 Sanitary districts
Title 57 Water-sewer districts
Title 58 Boundaries and plats
Title 59 Landlord and tenant
Title 60 Liens
Title 61 Mortgages, deeds of trust, and real estate contracts
Title 62A Uniform commercial code
Title 63 Personal property
Title 64 Real property and conveyances
Title 65 Recording, registration, and legal publication
Title 66 Alcoholic beverage control
Title 67 Sports and recreation — convention facilities
Title 68 Cemeteries, morgues, and human remains
Title 69 Food, drugs, cosmetics, and poisons
Title 70 Public health and safety
Title 71 Mental illness
Title 71A Developmental disabilities
Title 72 State institutions
Title 73 Veterans and veterans’ affairs
Title 74 Public assistance
Title 76 Forests and forest products
Title 77 Fish and wildlife (formerly: game and game fish)
Title 78 Mines, minerals, and petroleum
Title 79 Public lands
Title 79A Public recreational lands
Title 80 Public utilities
Title 81 Transportation
Title 82 Excise taxes
Title 83 Estate taxation
Title 84 Property taxes
Title 85 Diking and drainage
Title 86 Flood control
Title 87 Irrigation
Title 88 Navigation and harbor improvements
Title 89 Reclamation, soil conservation, and land settlement
Title 90 Water rights — environment
Title 91 Waterways