§ 23B.14.010 Dissolution by initial directors, incorporators, or board of directors
§ 23B.14.020 Dissolution by board of directors and shareholders
§ 23B.14.030 Articles of dissolution–Publication of notice
§ 23B.14.040 Revocation of dissolution
§ 23B.14.050 Effect of dissolution
§ 23B.14.060 Known claims against a dissolved corporation
§ 23B.14.065 Form and adequacy of satisfaction of claims–Application to and determination by court
§ 23B.14.070 Holder of an unpaid claim–Proceeding against dissolved corporation to collect amount of claim
§ 23B.14.200 Administrative dissolution–Grounds
§ 23B.14.203 Administrative dissolution or revocation of a certificate of authority–Corporation name not distinguishable from name of governmental entity–Application by governmental entity
§ 23B.14.210 Administrative dissolution–Procedure and effect
§ 23B.14.220 Reinstatement following administrative dissolution–Application
§ 23B.14.300 Judicial dissolution–Grounds
§ 23B.14.310 Judicial dissolution or supervision of voluntary dissolution–Procedure
§ 23B.14.320 General or custodial receivership
§ 23B.14.330 Decree of dissolution–Other orders, decrees, and injunctions–Revenue clearance certificate
§ 23B.14.340 Survival of remedy after dissolution
§ 23B.14.390 Secretary of state–List of corporations dissolved
§ 23B.14.392 Certificate of authority as insurance company–Filing of records
§ 23B.14.394 Certificate of authority from department of financial institutions–Filing of records
§ 23B.14.400 Deposit with state treasurer