(1)   The department may conduct such audits as it deems necessary to determine the adequacy of fees paid under the international registration plan or other proportional registration law or agreement and taxes and fees paid under s. 341.45. Audits shall be conducted during normal business hours. Credits shall be given for overpayments and deficiencies shall be assessed, with interest. Actual and necessary expenses incurred by an auditor, plus wages, may be assessed against the person audited.
   (2)   Any person feeling aggrieved by a notice under this section of additional assessment, refund or denial of refund may, within 30 days after the receipt of the notice, petition the department for a redetermination. A person feeling aggrieved by a redetermination may appeal to the tax appeals commission in the manner provided for appeals of tax determinations under s. 73.01 (5). If an appeal of a redetermination is not filed within the time period provided under s. 73.01 (5), the redetermination is final and conclusive.