§ 169.01 Definitions
§ 169.02 Title to wild animals
§ 169.03 Interagency cooperation
§ 169.04 Possession of live wild animals
§ 169.05 Taking of wild animals
§ 169.06 Introduction, stocking, and release of wild animals
§ 169.07 Exhibition of live wild animals
§ 169.08 Propagation of wild animals
§ 169.085 Rehabilitation of wild animals
§ 169.09 Hunting of captive wild animals
§ 169.10 Sale and purchase of live wild animals
§ 169.11 Harmful wild animals
§ 169.12 Sale and purchase of native wild reptiles and wild amphibians
§ 169.14 Carcasses of captive wild animals
§ 169.15 Captive wild animal farm licenses
§ 169.18 Wild fur farm license
§ 169.19 Bird hunting preserve licenses
§ 169.20 Dog training licenses
§ 169.21 Dog trial licenses
§ 169.23 Stocking license
§ 169.24 Rehabilitation license
§ 169.25 Scientific research license
§ 169.26 Nonprofit educational exhibiting license
§ 169.27 Nonresident temporary exhibiting license
§ 169.29 Validation licenses
§ 169.30 Endangered or threatened species
§ 169.31 License and tag fees
§ 169.32 Licenses; effective periods
§ 169.33 Licenses; applications; renewals; terminations
§ 169.34 Denial and revocation of licenses based on child support delinquency
§ 169.35 Denial and revocation of licenses based on delinquent taxes or unemployment insurance contributions
§ 169.36 Record-keeping and reporting requirements
§ 169.37 Inspections
§ 169.38 Inspections of items subject to regulation by the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection
§ 169.39 Humane care and housing
§ 169.40 Trespassing
§ 169.42 Taking custody of captive wild animals
§ 169.43 Local ordinances
§ 169.45 Penalties; revocations
§ 169.46 Natural resources surcharges and restitution surcharges

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