(1)   Prohibited practices. No physician assistant may provide medical care, except routine screening, in:
      (a)    The practice of dentistry or dental hygiene within the meaning of ch. 447.
      (b)    The practice of optometry within the meaning of ch. 449.
      (c)    The practice of chiropractic within the meaning of ch. 446.
      (d)    The practice of podiatry within the meaning of s. 448.60 (4).
      (e)    The practice of acupuncture within the meaning of ch. 451.
   (2)   Employee status. No physician assistant may be self-employed. The employer of a physician assistant shall assume legal responsibility for any medical care provided by the physician assistant during the employment. The employer of a physician assistant, if other than a licensed physician, shall provide for and not interfere with supervision of the physician assistant by a licensed physician.
   (3)   Prescriptive authority. A physician assistant may issue a prescription order for a drug or device in accordance with guidelines established by a supervising physician and the physician assistant and with rules promulgated by the board. If any conflict exists between the guidelines and the rules, the rules shall control.