Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 449.01

  • Following: when used by way of reference to any statute section, means the section next following that in which the reference is made. See Wisconsin Statutes 990.01
   (1)    Optometry.
      (a)    The practice of the profession of optometry is defined as:
         1.    The employment of any optometric means, including topical ocular diagnostic pharmaceutical agents under s. 449.17, to determine the visual efficiency of the human visual system, including refractive and functional abilities, or to diagnose the presence of ocular disease or ocular manifestations of systemic disease and other departures from normal.
         2.    The diagnosis and treatment of the refractive and functional ability of the visual system and enhancement of visual performance by any of the following:
            a.    Prescribing, furnishing, fitting or employing ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, frames, aids or prosthetic materials.
            b.    Administering visual training, orthoptics, visual therapy or any other optometric means.
            c.    Prescribing or administering drugs for ocular therapeutic purposes, dispensing contact lenses that deliver a therapeutic pharmaceutical agent under s. 449.18 (6) (am) 2. b., or removing superficial foreign bodies from the eye or an appendage to the eye under s. 449.18.
         3.    Examining into the fact, condition or cause of ocular health or disease, or treating or rendering advice regarding a condition or cause of ocular health or disease, by any optometric means or instrumentality.
         4.    Applying principles or techniques of optometric sciences in the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a condition or cause of ocular health or disease.
      (b)    Except as provided in par. (a), the practice of the profession of optometry does not include surgery or medical treatment.
   (2)   Dispensing opticians. A dispensing optician is one who practices optical dispensing. The practice of optical dispensing comprises the taking of necessary facial measurements and the processing, fitting and adjusting of mountings, frames, lenses and kindred products in the filling of prescriptions of duly licensed physicians or optometrists for ophthalmic lenses. Duplications, replacements or reproductions not requiring optometric service may be done without prescription. Nothing herein contained shall change the responsibility of physician to patient, or optometrist to patient.
   (4)   Examining board. In this chapter, “examining board” means optometry examining board.