Use this form to file the necessary papers at your local Indiana courthouse so that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles waives the reinstatement fee for your drivers’ license. This four-page form includes the Petition, an Affidavit of Indigency, and a Personal Appearance Form. We also provide a form Order to submit to the Court.

Article 25 under Title 9 of the Indiana Code requires that drivers have appropriate insurance in order to operate or register a vehicle in Indiana. Failure to maintain this insurance can result in driving privileges being suspended. More than one violation within a three-year period results in a driver’s license being suspended for one year.

Once an Indiana resident has had their driver’s license suspended under Article 25, they may ask the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to reinstate their driver’s license. Normally a fee for reinstatement is charged by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. If it is the driver’s first suspension, the reinstatement fee is $250. If it is the second suspension, the reinstatement fee is $500. If the driver’s privileges have been suspended more than two times before, the reinstatement fee is $1000.
If the driver can later establish that they in fact had insurance at the time that they registered or operated the vehicle in question, then the reinstatement fee will be refunded.
Indiana Code section 9-25-6-15.

It is also possible to obtain a waiver of the reinstatement fee. Under section 9-25-6-15.1 of the Indiana Code, a driver can file a petition seeking a waiver of the reinstatement fee. The petition must be filed in the drivers local County criminal court, the local prosecutor will be given notice and a chance to respond. There are basically four requirements to qualify for waiver of the reinstatement fee:

  1. The driver must be indigent (unable to afford paying the statement fee)
  2. The driver must have proof of insurance
  3. The court must determine that waiving the fee is “appropriate in light of the individual’s character and the circumstances surrounding the suspension.”
  4. The driver must satisfy any other “reasonable conditions” that the court may impose as a condition for waiving the reinstatement fee.

If the judge grants the petition, the clerk of the court is required to send a copy of the judge’s order to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.