The Hurley Wooten Legal Consulting, PC

The Hurley Wooten Legal Consulting, PC
The Hurley Wooten Legal Consulting, PC
We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning bankruptcy, labo

With our excellent reputation for service and solid record of results, our attorneys are trusted throughout New Jersey and New York. We are committed to protecting you and your business’ interests, securing your financial well-being, and safeguarding your immediate and future rights. Whether you are facing an unlawful discharge, a hostile work environment, a loss in wages, an economic downturn, a foreclosure, unfair labour practices or are in need of a business law advocate, we are experienced, skilled attorneys who can create effective legal solutions.

When faced with a legal dispute, entering a contract, or if you have a legal question, it is important to work with attorneys and law firms you can trust. The decisions that you make and binding legal agreements you enter into can seriously affect your personal rights and your financial well-being in the future. At the Hurley Wooten Legal Consulting, PC, our attorneys are champions for our clients. We work aggressively to protect your rights and achieve the legal outcome you desire.

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