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Articles of incorporation for a baptist church

New York  
4 weeks ago

Where can I see a sample of articles of incorporation? [Reply]

Steve Daily
Steve Daily  — LawServer Editor
4 weeks ago

A sample New York Certificate of Incorporation is provided on the New York Department of State web site. [Reply]

Partial fence stolen

4 weeks ago

When we purchased our house there was a link fence the previous owner had put in. For our side lot we had put privacy fence all around it as well, so between our side lot and our neighbor’s the… [Reply]

Steve Daily
Steve Daily  — LawServer Editor
4 weeks ago

Contact the local police and report the missing sections of fence. The police should investigate and hopefully determine who took your fenc… [Reply]

Appraisal vs. true value

South Carolina  
4 weeks ago

Will commercial appraisal and true value of property be close when it comes to judgement? [Reply]

Steve Daily
Steve Daily  — LawServer Editor
4 weeks ago

It depends. Whether a commercial appraisal would be close to the “true value” of a property depends on, among other things, whe… [Reply]

Open Questions


3 days, 19 hours ago

In Minnesota, if have an ofp on husband, and he has been served, can he just video record me or voice record me later and use it against me. I thought they couldn’t do that once they were serv… [Reply]

definition of “sell” and “exchange”?

New Jersey  
1 week, 1 day ago

what is the definition of “sell” and “exchange”? [Reply]


North Carolina  
1 week, 3 days ago

Can you sue a family member for slander and defamation. [Reply]