(a) Before performing assessment work on National Park System lands, you must submit and obtain the National Park Service (NPS)’s approval of a complete plan of operations in compliance with regulations at 36 CFR parts 6 and 9. Your proposed activities must further the ultimate commercial mineral development of each claim, such as delineation of the mineral deposit or commencement of production. Once you submit a proposed plan, NPS will evaluate the plan, conduct a validity exam if necessary, and either approve or disapprove the plan.

Terms Used In 43 CFR 3835.17

  • Affidavit: A written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making it, before a notary or officer having authority to administer oaths.

(b)(1) If NPS approves your plan of operations, by the September 1 on which you want to submit a small miner waiver request you must:

(i) Post a reclamation bond with NPS;

(ii) Begin the approved activity; and

(iii) Submit a waiver request complying with §3835.10 before the assessment year begins for which you wish to obtain a waiver.

(2) By December 30, you must file your affidavit of assessment work for the mining claims and a notice of intent to hold for your mill or tunnel sites.

(c) If NPS does not approve your proposed plan of operations by July 1, to allow you sufficient time to conduct assessment work before September 1, you may–

(1) Pay BLM the maintenance fees by September 1;

(2) Petition BLM before September 1 for a deferment of assessment work; or

(3) Submit a request for a lack of access waiver.