§ 170.910 What information on the TTP or projects must BIA or FHWA provide?
§ 170.911 Are Indians entitled to employment and training preferences?
§ 170.912 Does Indian employment preference apply to Federal-aid Highway Projects?
§ 170.913 Do Tribal-specific employment rights and contract preference laws apply?
§ 170.914 What is the difference between Tribal preference and Indian preference?
§ 170.915 May Tribal employment taxes or fees be included in a TTP project budget?
§ 170.916 May Tribes impose taxes or fees on those performing TTP services?
§ 170.917 Can Tribes receive direct payment of Tribal employment taxes or fees?
§ 170.918 What applies to the Secretaries’ collection of data under the TTP?

Terms Used In CFR > Title 25 > Chapter I > Subchapter H > Part 170 > Subpart H > Reporting Requirements and Indian Preference

  • Government: The United States of America, acting through the respective agency, U. See 25 CFR 170.616
  • Inventory property: Property for which title is vested in the Government and which secured an a Rural Development loan loan or which was acquired from another Agency for program purposes. See 25 CFR 170.915