§ 10A-17-1.01 Short title
§ 10A-17-1.02 Definitions
§ 10A-17-1.03 Supplementary general principles of law and equity
§ 10A-17-1.04 Governance
§ 10A-17-1.05 Real and personal property; nonprofit association as legatee, devisee, or beneficiary
§ 10A-17-1.06 Statement of authority as to real property
§ 10A-17-1.07 Liability in tort and contract
§ 10A-17-1.08 Capacity to assert and defend; standing
§ 10A-17-1.09 Effect of judgment or order
§ 10A-17-1.10 Disposition of personal property of inactive or dissolved nonprofit association
§ 10A-17-1.11 Appointment of agent to receive service of process
§ 10A-17-1.12 Claim not abated by change of members or offices
§ 10A-17-1.13 Venue
§ 10A-17-1.14 Summons and complaint; service on whom
§ 10A-17-1.15 Transition concerning real and personal property
§ 10A-17-1.16 Other acts not repealed
§ 10A-17-1.17 Savings clause
§ 10A-17-1.18 Uniformity of application and construction