§ 41-8A-1 Definitions
§ 41-8A-2 Creation; composition; director generally
§ 41-8A-3 Staff
§ 41-8A-4 Powers and duties of director
§ 41-8A-5 State supervisory board – Creation; composition; qualifications, appointment, terms of office and compensation of members generally; filling of vacancies; officers; executive committee generally; appointment of director
§ 41-8A-6 State supervisory board – Powers and duties of board generally; powers as to law enforcement and criminal justice plans and applications
§ 41-8A-7 State supervisory board – Powers and duties of executive committee of board
§ 41-8A-8 Regional advisory boards and planning units – Establishment; composition; purpose; membership; officers and staff generally
§ 41-8A-9 Regional advisory boards and planning units – Powers and duties; compensation of members
§ 41-8A-10 Regional advisory boards and planning units – Budgetary and other financial procedures
§ 41-8A-11 Service by same individual on state supervisory board and regional advisory board; representation of more than one element or interest by board member
§ 41-8A-12 Submission to Governor of annual budget and request for funds; request for funds by Governor in appropriation bill
§ 41-8A-13 Construction of chapter; effect of chapter in event provisions thereof found in conflict with Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 41 > Chapter 8A

  • acronyms: The acronyms as used herein are as follows:

    a. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1

  • CENTRAL OFFICE: The ALEPA office in Montgomery, Alabama. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • combination: Such term, as applied to state agencies or departments or units of local government, means any grouping or joining together of such state agencies, departments or units for the purpose of preparing, developing or implementing a law enforcement plan. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • comprehensive: The plan must be a total and integrated analysis of the problems regarding the law enforcement and criminal justice system within the State of Alabama; goals, priorities and standards must be established in the plan and the plan must address methods, organization and operation performance, physical and human resources necessary to accomplish crime prevention, identification, detection and apprehension of suspects, adjudication, custodial treatment of suspects and offenders and institutional and noninstitutional rehabilitative measures. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • METROPOLITAN AREA: A standard metropolitan statistical area as established by the Bureau of the Budget of the United States, subject, however, to such modifications and extensions as the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration may determine to be appropriate from time to time. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • oath: includes affirmation. See Alabama Code 1-1-1
  • office: The Office of School Readiness. See Alabama Code 26-24-21
  • Probation: A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases convicted defendants under supervision as long as certain conditions are observed.
  • PUBLIC AGENCY: Any state agency or state department or unit of local government, combination of such state agencies, departments or units or any department, agency or instrumentality of any of the foregoing described state agencies, units or departments within the State of Alabama. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • REGIONAL BOARDS: The regional advisory planning boards and the high crime commission's advisory board. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • SAFE STREETS ACT: The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • state: The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions thereof. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • STATE BOARD: The Alabama Law Enforcement Planning Agency's State Supervisory Board. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • treatment: Such term includes, but is not limited to, medical, educational, social, psychological and vocational services, corrective and preventive guidance and training and other rehabilitative services designed to protect the public and benefit the addict or other user by eliminating his dependence on addicting or other drugs or by controlling his dependence, his susceptibility to addiction or use. See Alabama Code 41-8A-1
  • year: means a calendar year; but, whenever the word "year" is used in reference to any appropriations for the payment of money out of the treasury, it shall mean fiscal year. See Alabama Code 1-1-1