§ 6-5-170 Definition

Terms Used In Alabama Code > Title 6 > Chapter 5 > Article 10

  • distribute: To import, export, sell, rent, lend, transfer possession of or title to, display, exhibit, show, present, provide, broadcast, transmit, retransmit, communicate by telephone, play, orally communicate or perform. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1
  • FOR ANY THING OF PECUNIARY VALUE: In exchange for, in return for, or for any consideration consisting of, whether wholly or partly:

    a. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1

  • knowingly: The term means knowingly, as defined by Section 13A-2-2(2), doing an act involving a material when the person knows the nature of the material. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1
  • material: Any book, magazine, newspaper, printed or written matter, writing, description, picture, drawing, animation, photograph, motion picture, film, video tape, pictorial representation, depiction, image, electrical or electronic reproduction, broadcast, transmission, telephone communication, sound recording, article, device, equipment, matter, oral communication, live performance, or dance. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1
  • obscene: The term means that:

    a. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1

  • person: Any individual and, except where inappropriate, any partnership, firm, association, corporation or other legal entity. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1
  • produce: Create, make, write, film, produce, reproduce, direct, or stage. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1
  • wholesaler: A person who distributes material for the purpose of resale or commercial distribution at retail. See Alabama Code 13A-12-200.1