§ 9-7-10 Definitions
§ 9-7-11 Purpose of chapter; legislative findings
§ 9-7-12 Declaration of state policy
§ 9-7-13 Activities deemed permissible uses within coastal area; determination of additional permissible uses
§ 9-7-14 Coastal Area Board – Created; composition; qualifications, appointment, term of office and compensation of members; officers; meetings; seal; powers and duties generally; executive director and employees; technical assistance to board; acceptance, use a
§ 9-7-15 Coastal Area Board – Development of coastal area management program
§ 9-7-16 Department of Environmental Management – Promulgation of rules and regulations
§ 9-7-17 Approval by Governor of management program
§ 9-7-20 Requirements as to permits generally; regulation of uses of lands within coastal area by local government units; filing with board copies of applications for federal permits