05.10.010 Licenses for boxing and wrestling matches
05.10.020 Power of commission
05.10.030 License for contest, match, or exhibition where admission fee is charged; exemption
05.10.040 Examination of participants in unlicensed contests
05.10.050 Regulations applicable to educational institutions
05.10.060 License required
05.10.070 Application for license
05.10.080 Duration of license
05.10.090 Licensee bond
05.10.100 Statement and report of contest
05.10.110 Inspectors
05.10.120 Annual licenses to participants; fees; exemptions; designation of referee
05.10.130 Participation in purse or conducting sham contest
05.10.140 Suspensions for violations
05.10.150 Failure to make reports
05.10.160 Penalty for conducting contests or exhibitions without license
05.10.170 General penalty