08.64.180 Application for license
08.64.190 Contents of application
08.64.200 Qualifications of physician applicants
08.64.205 Qualifications for osteopath applicants
08.64.209 Qualifications for podiatry applicants
08.64.210 Examination required
08.64.225 Foreign medical graduates
08.64.230 License granted
08.64.240 License refused
08.64.250 License by credentials
08.64.255 Interviews
08.64.270 Temporary permits
08.64.272 Residency and internship permits
08.64.275 Temporary permit for locum tenens practice
08.64.276 Retired status license
08.64.279 Interview for permits
08.64.312 Continuing education requirements
08.64.313 Inactive license
08.64.315 Fees
08.64.326 Grounds for imposition of disciplinary sanctions
08.64.331 Disciplinary sanctions
08.64.332 Automatic suspension for mental incompetency or insanity
08.64.334 Voluntary surrender
08.64.335 Reports of disciplinary action or license suspension or surrender
08.64.336 Duty of physicians and hospitals to report
08.64.338 Medical and psychiatric exams
08.64.340 Statement of grounds of refusal or revocation of license
08.64.345 Reports relating to malpractice actions and claims
08.64.360 Penalty for practicing without a license or in violation of chapter
08.64.362 Limitation of liability