10.20.005 Purposes
10.20.007 Corporations organized under Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
10.20.011 General powers
10.20.016 Defense of ultra vires
10.20.021 Corporate name
10.20.026 Registered office and registered agent
10.20.031 Filing list of corporations
10.20.036 Change of registered office or agent
10.20.041 Change of location or resignation of registered agent
10.20.046 Service on corporation
10.20.051 Members and liability of directors, officers, employees, and members
10.20.056 Bylaws
10.20.061 Meetings of members
10.20.066 Notice of meetings
10.20.071 Voting; quorum
10.20.076 Quorum of members
10.20.081 Board of directors
10.20.086 Number of directors
10.20.091 Membership and term of office of first board of directors
10.20.096 Election and terms of directors
10.20.101 Vacancies
10.20.106 Quorum of directors
10.20.111 Executive committee
10.20.116 Place and notice of directors’ meetings
10.20.121 Officers
10.20.126 Removal of officers
10.20.131 Books and records; inspection
10.20.136 Shares of stock and dividends prohibited; compensation, benefits, and distributions
10.20.141 Loans to directors and officers prohibited