Division 0.5 Preliminary Provisions
Division 1 Established Election Dates
Division 2 Voters
Division 3 Vote by Mail Voting, New Resident, and New Citizen Voting
Division 4 Mail Ballot Elections
Division 5 Political Party Qualifications
Division 6 Presidential Elections
Division 7 Political Party Organization and Central Committee Elections
Division 8 Nominations
Division 9 Measures Submitted to the Voters
Division 10 Local, Special, Vacancy, and Consolidated Elections
Division 11 Recall Elections
Division 12 Preelection Procedures
Division 13 Ballots, Sample Ballots, and Voter Pamphlets
Division 14 Election Day Procedures
Division 15 Semifinal Official Canvass, Official Canvass, Recount, and Tie Vote Procedures
Division 16 Elections Contests
Division 17 Retention and Preservation of Election Records
Division 18 Penal Provisions
Division 19 Certification of Voting Systems
Division 20 Election Campaigns
Division 21 State and Local Reapportionment