§ 8201 Appointment and classification; primary duty 11
§ 8202 Powers and duties of Capitol Police; local police officers assisting Capitol Police 11
§ 8203 Salaries 11
§ 8204 Uniforms 11
§ 8205 Capitol Police stations; location, staff and equipment 11

Terms Used In Delaware Code > Title 11 > Chapter 82

  • Affirmed: In the practice of the appellate courts, the decree or order is declared valid and will stand as rendered in the lower court.
  • Child: means a person who has not reached the age of 18 years. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307
  • Decedent: A deceased person.
  • Dower: A widow
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • Infancy: means an age of less than 18 years. See Delaware Code Title 6 Sec. 4307
  • Intestate: Dying without leaving a will.
  • Testate: To die leaving a will.
  • Testator: A male person who leaves a will at death.