Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
    (1) “Council” means the regional planning council created pursuant to Florida Statutes § 186.504
    (2) “Goal” means the long term end toward which programs and activities are ultimately directed.
    (3) “Executive Office of the Governor” means the Office of Planning and Budgeting of the Executive Office of the Governor or its designee.
    (4) “Natural Resource of Regional Significance” means a natural resource or system of interrelated natural resources, that due to its function, size, rarity or endangerment retains or provides benefit of regional significance to the natural or human environment, regardless of ownership.
    (5) “Plan” means the Strategic Regional Policy Plan as defined in Florida Statutes § 186.503(10) (1993), and the associated maps required by paragraph 27E-5.004(3)(a), F.A.C.
    (6) “Policy” means the ways in which programs and activities are conducted to achieve identified goals.
    (7) “Significant Regional Resource or Facility” means resources or facilities identified by the council as being of regional importance and meets one or more of the following criteria:
    (a) A resource or facility that due to its uniqueness, function, benefit, service delivery area, or importance is identified as being of regional concern.
    (b) A resource or facility that requires the participation or involvement of two or more governmental entities to ensure proper and efficient management.
    (c) A resource or facility that meets either criteria paragraph (a) or (b) above and is defined to be of state or regional concern or importance in state or federal laws or rules of state or regional agencies adopted pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 120
    (8) “State Comprehensive Plan” means Florida Statutes Chapter 187
    (9) “Strategic” means proactive, future, and results oriented with a focus on important long term priorities, needs, and problems of the region.
    (10) “Strategic Regional Subject Areas” means the identified subject areas that from a regional perspective have potential to affect the region’s significant physical characteristics or the quality of life within the region. These strategic regional subject areas shall include affordable housing, economic development, emergency preparedness, natural resources of regional significance, and regional transportation. Additional subject areas related to the particular needs and circumstances of the region or which represent major regional problems or opportunities may be included as strategic regional subject areas. The plans shall identify and address regional resources and facilities.
    (11) “Trends and Condition Statement” means a background analysis of factors describing present conditions and trends with respect to the strategic regional subject areas addressed; forecast future conditions and trends based on expected growth patterns of the region; and analyze the problems, needs, and opportunities associated with growth and development in the region. Significant regional resources and facilities shall be identified and addressed.
    (12) “Vision” means a description of the intended future physical appearance and the qualities of the region.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 120.53(1), 186.507(2). Law Implemented 186.502(1)(a), (b), (e), 186.507 FS. History—New 7-6-94.