(1) Public participation. The citizens of the region shall be given an adequate opportunity to participate in the preparation of the regional plan. Adequate opportunity for public participation shall include the following, and may include other opportunities as determined by the council:
    (a) One workshop within the region during the early stages of plan formulation to describe the regional planning effort and to receive input from the public regarding the content, structure, or application of the plan or comments regarding the process of plan formulation and adoption, and;
    (b) Three public meetings in addition to the procedural requirements of Florida Statutes § 120.54, to describe the content of the proposed plan submitted to the Executive Office of the Governor and to receive public comment regarding the proposed plan. These public meetings shall be located to facilitate citizen participation considering geographic and population distribution. These public meetings shall be prominently advertised throughout the region in newspapers of general circulation in the region. Such advertisements shall not be placed in that portion of the newspaper where legal notices and classified advertisements appear.
    (2) Local government participation. In preparing the plan, the council shall seek the cooperation and assistance of local governments to identify strategic regional subject areas, and shall involve local governments as fully as possible in the development of the plan’s trends and conditions statements and the goals and policies. The draft plan shall be circulated to all local governments in the region, and the local governments shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to comment on the regional plan. Local governments, within their respective regions, shall also receive notice of all workshops and meetings scheduled to receive public comment on the proposed plan.
    (3) Participation by other governmental agencies. To enhance areawide coordination and related cooperative activities of federal, state, regional and local governments, the council is encouraged to provide a copy of the draft plan for review and comment to other public agencies operating within the region that may be affected by the plan or that have some information or expertise useful to the development of the plan.
    (4) Existing plans. The council shall give consideration to existing state, federal, regional, and local plans in preparing the strategic regional policy plan. The council shall specifically consider those plans required by Sections 373.036, 339.155 and 380.031(17), F.S. The council shall also consider those plans required by Rule 62-40.520, F.A.C. The council shall ensure that approved voluntary resource planning and management programs adopted pursuant to Florida Statutes § 380.045, and principles for guiding development adopted pursuant to Florida Statutes § 380.05, for areas of critical state concern are given full effect.
    (5) Data and analysis used in the plan. In preparing the trends and conditions statements of the plan, the council shall use, to the extent applicable, data, assumptions, forecasts, projections, studies, and analyses prepared by the Executive Office of the Governor or at its direction pursuant to Florida Statutes § 186.006 The council shall also coordinate with the Department of Community Affairs in order to achieve uniformity and consistency in land use information and data collection efforts in this state and to provide a usable and accessible data base to local governments and the private sector. Studies, reports, analyses and data upon which the plan is based shall be referenced and cited in the proposed plan submitted to the Executive Office of the Governor and shall be made accessible to the public.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 186.507(2). Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 186.507. History—New 7-6-94.