(1) All biomedical waste facilities shall comply with the following:
    (a) Biomedical waste mixed with hazardous waste, as defined in Chapter 62-730, F.A.C., Hazardous Waste, shall be managed as hazardous waste.
    (b) Biomedical waste mixed with radioactive waste shall be managed in a manner that does not violate the provisions of Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C. The biomedical waste shall be managed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 64E-16, F.A.C., after the radioactive component has decayed in storage as provided for in Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C., or is otherwise not regulated under Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C. The packaging requirements of Chapter 64E-5, F.A.C., shall be followed, unless the requirements of Chapter 64E-16, F.A.C., are more restrictive.
    (c) Any other solid waste or liquid, which is neither hazardous nor radioactive in character, combined with untreated biomedical waste, shall be managed as untreated biomedical waste.
    (d) All surfaces contaminated with spilled or leaked biomedical waste shall be decontaminated as part of the cleaning process.
    (2) Each biomedical waste facility shall implement a written operating plan to manage biomedical waste, in accordance with this chapter. This plan shall be available for review by the department and facility personnel. The plan shall include the following: a description of training for personnel; procedures for segregating, labeling, packaging, transporting, storing, and treating, biomedical waste; procedures for decontaminating biomedical waste spills; and a contingency plan for emergencies. Facilities which have multiple specialty services shall include procedures specific to each specialty if procedures vary. Plans shall be updated when regulations, facility policies, or procedures change.
    (a) Each facility or their designee shall train new personnel who handle biomedical waste as part of their work responsibilities. This training shall be provided prior to commencement of duties related to biomedical waste handling. Refresher training shall be completed annually by all personnel who handle biomedical waste. Training shall detail compliance with the facility’s operating plan and Chapter 64E-16, F.A.C., and shall be maintained as a part of the operating plan.
    (b) All biomedical waste management records shall be maintained for 3 years and shall be available for review by the department.
Rulemaking Authority 381.006, 381.0098 FS. Law Implemented 381.006, 381.0098, 395.002(13), 395.1011 FS. History—New 6-19-89, Amended 4-2-90, 12-14-92, 1-23-94, 8-20-95, 6-3-97, Formerly 10D-104.003.