(1) A biomedical waste generator shall not negotiate for the transport of biomedical waste with a person who is not registered with the department as a biomedical waste transporter.

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    (2) Compacting packages of biomedical waste within the generating facility, except recognizable human tissue, bulk liquids, or sharps, is acceptable provided the following conditions are met:
    (a) Packages of biomedical waste shall not be compacted to a density greater than 22 pounds per cubic foot.
    (b) Compacted packages of biomedical waste shall not be subjected to further compacting.
    (c) Any residual or incidental liquid shall be contained within the inner bag or outer container. Should the inner bag or outer container rupture during compaction, residual or incidental liquids shall be disposed of directly into the sanitary sewer, an on-site sewage treatment and disposal system, or other system approved to receive such wastes by the Department of Environmental Protection or the department;
    (d) Discharge of noxious air shall be kept to a minimum through use of HEPA filters having a pore size of 2 microns or less, negative pressure rooms, or other safety methods;
    (e) Compacted packages of biomedical waste shall be treated by incineration or other approved treatment process. Treatment processes, such as steam, chemical, gas, dry heat, or microwaving, shall be considered by the department upon written request and microbiological evidence that the proposed process provides the same degree of treatment for compacted waste as for uncompacted waste. Steam treatment systems shall be tested against Bacillus stearothermophilus spores, as described in subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 64E-16.007(2) Other proposed treatment processes shall demonstrate efficacy using subsection Fla. Admin. Code R. 64E-16.007(4)
Rulemaking Authority 381.006, 381.0098 FS. Law Implemented 381.006, 381.0098, 395.002(13), 395.1011 FS. History—New 6-19-89, Amended 4-2-90, 12-14-92, 1-23-94, 8-20-95, 6-3-97, Formerly 10D-104.006.