For the purpose of these rules, the following terms are defined as follows:
    (1) Eligible funds. “Eligible funds” are those funds described in Florida Statutes § 17.61(1), which are eligible for investment under the provisions thereof.
    (2) Invested balance. The “invested balance” of a fund is the total of the moneys invested for the benefit of an eligible fund. The invested balance consists of principal amounts transferred and earnings credited.
    (3) Investment account. The term “investment account” as used in this rule chapter refers to the master trust fund maintained by the Chief Financial Officer for receiving and holding transfers from an eligible fund.
Rulemaking Authority 17.29 FS. Law Implemented 17.57, 17.61 FS. History—New 1-4-82, Amended 4-18-84, Formerly 4C-3.03, Amended 5-20-90, Formerly 4C-3.003.