Terms Used In Florida Statutes 159.806

  • Agency: means the State of Florida, any unit of local government, industrial development authority, or other entity in this state authorized to issue private activity bonds. See Florida Statutes 159.803
  • Division: means the Division of Bond Finance of the State Board of Administration. See Florida Statutes 159.803

(1) Each region listed in s. 159.804(2) has an allocation pool for issuing written confirmations of allocation for private activity bonds. In issuing such written confirmations, the division must first use the allocation pool for the region in which the agency issuing such bonds or on whose behalf such bonds are being issued is located, except prior to June 1, when the state allocation pool or the Florida First Business allocation pool must be used to finance priority projects until such allocation is exhausted. Unless otherwise agreed to by the affected agencies, when such bonds are to be issued by an agency whose boundaries include more than one region, the division must first issue an allocation from the allocation pool for the region in which the project is to be located.
(2) Except as provided in subsection (1), no portion of a regional allocation pool may be used by an agency in another region.