(1) The following provisions applicable to general lines agents or agencies also apply to title insurance agents or agencies:

(a) Section 626.734, relating to liability of certain agents.
(b) Section 626.0428(4)(a) and (b), relating to branch agencies.
(c) Section 626.749, relating to place of business in residence.
(d) Section 626.753, relating to sharing of commissions.
(e) Section 626.754, relating to rights of agent following termination of appointment.
(f) Section 626.172(2)(f), relating to fingerprints.
(2) The following provisions of part I do not apply to title insurance agents or title insurance agencies:

(a) Section 626.112(7), relating to licensing of insurance agencies.
(b) Section 626.231, relating to eligibility for examination.
(c) Section 626.572, relating to rebating, when allowed.
(d) Section 626.172, except for paragraph (2)(f) of that section, relating to agent in full-time charge.
(e) Section 626.173(1)(c), relating to notifying policyholders of the agency closure.