(1) A voter information card shall be furnished by the supervisor to all registered voters residing in the supervisor’s county. The card must contain:

(a) Voter’s registration number.
(b) Date of registration.
(c) Full name.
(d) Party affiliation.
(e) Date of birth.
(f) Address of legal residence.
(g) Precinct number.
(h) Polling place address.
(i) Name of supervisor and contact information of supervisor.
(j) Other information deemed necessary by the supervisor.
(2) A voter may receive a replacement voter information card by providing a signed, written request for a replacement card to a voter registration official. Upon verification of registration, the supervisor shall issue the voter a duplicate card without charge.
(3) In the case of a change of name, address of legal residence, polling place address, or party affiliation, the supervisor shall issue the voter a new voter information card.