§ 565.01 Definition; liquor
§ 565.02 License fees; vendors; clubs; caterers; and others
§ 565.03 License fees; manufacturers, distributors, brokers, sales agents, and importers of alcoholic beverages; vendor licenses and fees; distilleries and craft distilleries
§ 565.04 Package store restrictions
§ 565.045 Regulations for consumption on premises; penalty; exemptions
§ 565.05 Purchase of distilled spirits by licensed clubs; size of individual containers
§ 565.06 Clubs to sell only individual drinks
§ 565.07 Sale or consumption of certain distilled spirits prohibited
§ 565.08 Labeling regulations; liquor
§ 565.095 Licensure as primary American source of supply
§ 565.10 Distilled spirits container limit
§ 565.11 Refilling liquor bottles; misrepresentation; penalty
§ 565.12 Excise tax on liquors and beverages
§ 565.13 Monthly payment of tax by distributor
§ 565.16 Beverage lists furnished to vendors
§ 565.17 Beverage tastings by distributors and vendors

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