§ 567.001 Alcoholic content of intoxicating liquors
§ 567.01 Petition, order, notice of election
§ 567.02 Registration and qualification of electors
§ 567.03 Mode of holding election
§ 567.04 Time of holding elections
§ 567.05 Inspectors, returns, and canvass
§ 567.06 Form of ballot; canvassing votes
§ 567.07 Results of election
§ 567.08 Refund of unused portion of state license tax
§ 567.09 Refund of unused portion of county license tax
§ 567.10 Refund of unused portion of municipal license tax
§ 567.11 Evidence of legal election
§ 567.12 Proceedings to test legality of election
§ 567.13 Sale by the package only
§ 567.14 Penalty for violation

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  • insurance: include the death benefits provided under a plan of self-insurance. See Florida Statutes 627.551
  • Insurer: includes any person or governmental unit providing a plan of self-insurance. See Florida Statutes 627.551
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