[§613-2]  Establishment of the center for alternative dispute resolution.  (a)  There is established within the judiciary the center for alternative dispute resolution.  The center shall facilitate the effective, timely, and voluntary resolution of disputes.  Through these resolutions, it shall help reduce public and private costs of litigation and increase satisfaction with the justice system.  The center shall accomplish its purposes by:

     (1)  Providing, where feasible and agreed to by the parties, the consultative resources and technical assistance needed to achieve voluntary resolutions for cases that affect the public interest or the work of state and county agencies.  These cases shall include but not be limited to:

          (A)  Public disputes involving actual or threatened court actions over the allocation or management of public resources or the siting of public facilities;

          (B)  Complex litigation cases in which a court or a regulatory or administrative agency has determined that the dispute involves multiple parties or formidable technical, procedural, or factual issues, or both;

          (C)  Policy roundtables in which the center, at the request of an executive, legislative, or judicial decisionmaker, convenes and chairs advisory discussions on matters pertaining to standards or rules; and

          (D)  Other cases directly referred by judges, legislators, agency heads, or appointed government officials;

     (2)  Promoting in a systematic manner the appropriate use of alternative dispute resolution; and

     (3)  Disseminating to government agencies and to the community at large up-to-date information on the methods and applications of alternative dispute resolution.

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes 613-2

  • Center: means the center for alternative dispute resolution. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 613-1
  • county: includes the city and county of Honolulu. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 1-22
  • Government agencies: means the offices, departments, branches, and other subdivisions of state and county governments. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 613-1
  • Litigation: A case, controversy, or lawsuit. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are called litigants.

     (b)  The center shall be organized, guided, and administratively maintained by the chief justice or the chief justice’s designee.  The chief justice shall appoint a director of the center.  The director may hire staff necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter, including but not limited to an assistant director and a program specialist.  The director, assistant director, and program specialist shall have substantial experience, training, and education in the methodologies of alternative dispute resolution.  Employees of the center shall be exempt from chapter 76, shall not be considered civil service employees, but shall be entitled to any employee benefit plan normally inuring to civil service employees.