[ 94-1.2]  The state archivist.  The department of accounting and general services shall fulfill its responsibilities for the public archives through the state archivist.  The state archivist shall:

     (1)  Administer the state archives, records management, and digital archives programs and facilities;

     (2)  Advise and assist state agencies in the preparation of retention and disposition schedules for government records; and provide records management training and technical assistance services to agencies;

     (3)  Issue guidelines and standards, including those applicable to computer hardware and software, for the preservation of government records maintained by state recordkeeping systems, including digital imaging processes for scanning of records and technology for creating and storing electronic records;

     (4)  Adopt rules as may be necessary to effectuate the responsibilities established under paragraph (1), and for the acquisition, maintenance, access, and preservation of government records, as well as the use of records or other materials, in the custody of the state archives; and

     (5)  Request and obtain an electronic copy of any government record of enduring value currently in digital format for the digital archives to ensure the long-term preservation of the record.