461J-1 Definitions
461J-2 Practice of physical therapy; qualifications
461J-2.3 Physical therapist use of support or auxiliary personnel
461J-2.5 Prohibited practices
461J-3 Exemptions
461J-4 Board of physical therapy; establishment, appointment, membership
461J-5 Powers and duties of board
461J-6 Permanent licenses
461J-7 Examination waiver
461J-7.5 Physical therapist assistant license without necessity of examination
461J-8 License without necessity of examination or meeting the education requirement
461J-9 Temporary license
461J-10 Biennial renewal; failure to renew
461J-10.1 Continuing competence
461J-10.11 Content standards of continuing competence
461J-10.12 Continuing competence subject matter requirements and other limitations
461J-10.13 Authorized providers of continuing competence units
461J-10.14 Exemption from continuing competence requirements
461J-10.15 Recordkeeping for continuing competence
461J-12 Revocation, suspension, probation of license
461J-12.5 Inactive status
461J-13 Penalty