The county and multi-county extension councils may exercise the following powers and duties and such other duties in their respective counties or areas as are designated by the Board of Trustees.
     (a) To cooperate with Cooperative Extension Service personnel in planning an extension educational program in agriculture, home economics and subjects relating thereto, including 4-H Club and community resource development work, and to periodically review the programs as approved by the director of extension for the county or for the multi-county group.
     (b) To make recommendations for the employment of all extension personnel except those on University Civil Service from qualified nominees furnished to it and recommended by the director of cooperative extension. The councils may also recommend increases or decreases in the Cooperative Extension Service staff as may be deemed necessary.
     (c) To prepare and submit to the director of extension for approval annually a total budget for the funds needed for extension programs in the county or in the multi-county area, and to submit the approved budget and request for such funds to the county or multi-county extension board.
     (d) To pay over all funds received for Cooperative Extension Service programs to the University of Illinois to be disbursed according to Section 9 of this Act.
     (e) To cooperate with and provide program information to individuals, groups and organizations. Nothing in this Act shall prevent the county extension councils or Cooperative Extension Service personnel from using or seeking opportunities to reach an audience of persons interested in cooperative extension work through the help of interested organizations or groups, provided that, in using or seeking such opportunities, the extension councils or extension personnel shall make available to all individuals, groups and organizations in the county equal opportunity to cooperate in the Cooperative Extension Service education program.