§ 5-101 New vehicle dealers must be licensed
§ 5-101.1 Motor vehicle financing affiliates; licensing
§ 5-101.2 Manufactured home dealers; licensing
§ 5-102 Used vehicle dealers must be licensed
§ 5-102.1 Permits for off site sales and exhibitions
§ 5-102.5 Used vehicle dealer prelicensing education program courses
§ 5-102.7 Dealer Recovery Trust Fund
§ 5-102.8 Licensure of Buy Here, Pay Here used vehicle dealers
§ 5-102.9 Alternative vehicle sales and ownership
§ 5-103 (a) Every new vehicle manufacturer shall specify the delivery and …
§ 5-104 On and after January 1, 1976, each manufacturer of a 1976 or later …
§ 5-104.1 Informational labels on pickup trucks; penalty
§ 5-104.2 Nonconforming vehicles; sale
§ 5-104.3 Disclosure of rebuilt vehicle
§ 5-105 Investigation of licensee required
§ 5-106 No person may keep open, operate, or assist in keeping open or …
§ 5-107 Bond exemption
§ 5-108 Vehicle Referral and Marketing Services
§ 5-109 Manufacturers and distributors; fees

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