Sec. 1. (a) A producer upon and against whom a producer premium is charged and collected under the provisions of this chapter may demand of and by complying with this chapter receive from the fund through the board a refund of the producer premiums collected from the producer.

     (b) The board shall develop the form on which a demand for a refund must be filed. The board shall make the form available to grain buyers, producers, and the public upon request.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 26-4-5-1

     (c) Except as provided in subsection (d), a demand for a refund under this section is only valid if:

(1) made in writing and:

(A) hand delivered; or

(B) sent by first class mail;

to the board; and

(2) delivered or sent to the board not more than twelve (12) months after the premium was collected.

     (d) The board may for good cause grant an extension for filing a demand for a refund under this chapter.

     (e) A producer that requests and receives a refund under this section after June 30, 2015, is not protected and will not be compensated by the grain indemnity program. The board may not consider any refunds claimed before July 1, 2015, in determining whether a producer is covered by the fund.

     (f) Before January 1 of each year in which producer premiums were collected during the immediately preceding calendar year, the board shall send a notice to each producer who requested a refund of producer premiums in any previous year. The notice must inform the producer of the time frame in which a request for a refund must be made and the method of filing for a refund.

As added by P.L.250-1995, SEC.1. Amended by P.L.145-2017, SEC.18.