Sec. 15. A person not authorized by this title who recklessly:

(1) enters the polls;

Attorney's Note

Under the Indiana Code, punishments for crimes depend on the classification. In the case of this section:
Class A misdemeanorup to 1 yearup to $5,000
For details, see Ind. Code § 35-50-3-2

Terms Used In Indiana Code 3-14-3-15

  • Conviction: A judgement of guilt against a criminal defendant.
(2) enters within the railing leading from the challenge window or door to the entrance of the polls without having been passed by the challengers or having been sworn in; or

(3) remains within the polls or within the chute in violation of Ind. Code § 3-11-8-15 or Ind. Code § 3-11-8-16;

commits a Class C infraction. However, the violation is a Class A misdemeanor if it is committed knowingly or intentionally and the person has a prior unrelated adjudication or conviction for a violation of this section within the previous five (5) years.

As added by P.L.5-1986, SEC.10. Amended by P.L.3-1997, SEC.404; P.L.14-2004, SEC.176; P.L.32-2019, SEC.2.