§ 65-5101 Definitions
§ 65-5102 Home health agencies required to be licensed
§ 65-5103 Application for license; annual fee
§ 65-5104 Issuance of license; grounds for suspension or revocation; annual report and annual fee; posting; not transferable or assignable; temporary operating permit; statistical reports; reciprocal agreements with bordering states
§ 65-5105 Survey inspections
§ 65-5106 Same; written report; list of deficiencies; exit interview; copies of report
§ 65-5107 Complaint against home health agency; investigation and hearing; notice
§ 65-5108 Refusal to issue, suspension or revocation of license; grounds; hearing
§ 65-5109 Rules and regulations; application
§ 65-5111 Injunction to restrain violations
§ 65-5112 Act not applicable to certain individuals or organizations
§ 65-5113 Disposition of moneys
§ 65-5114 Violation of act; misdemeanor
§ 65-5115 Home health aides; requirements for employment; instruction and examination; examination fee, disposition
§ 65-5116 Unlicensed employees prohibited from prefilling insulin syringes; penalty
§ 65-5117 Operation of home health agency precluded, when; access of secretary of health and environment to certain records; background check of employees, civil liability, fee for information request; provision of criminal history record information by secretar